At Lovewell, our mission is to help you reach your personal wellness goals in an authentic, mindful way. By combining nutrition with self-care and offering a variety of  services and practices, we aim to meet your unique wellness needs. 

Founded in 2016 by Brooke Slade (Nutritionist in Weight Management), Lovewell approaches holistic wellness in a self-care-centered manner. We encourage our clients and our community to prioritize personal care through proper nutrition, healthy habits and mind-body wholeness.

Our founder began her nutrition & wellness journey in 2015 after experiencing a life-altering health event. After learning that her food and lifestyle choices largely contributed to the health-scare, she was required to change her personal relationship with food and self-care. During this time, Brooke was also caring for her mother as she battled colon cancer. This series of events encouraged Brooke to ask the big questions about women’s health and the relationship between food and disease. Soon after, she began her studies in Nutrition, Self-Care and Fitness. From this, Lovewell Nutrition Company was born.

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Certified Nutritionist in Weight Management, Brooke Slade

Certified Nutritionist in Weight Management, Brooke Slade