You Vibe What You Eat

We have all heard that old adage “You are what you eat”? Of course, right? What if I told you, “You vibe what you eat”? 

But what does that even mean?

If I told you that there is energy attached to the hearty meals you eat to satiate the all-so-normal human desire of the tastebuds, would you believe me? There is even energy attached to the snacks we munch on in a hurry, like our favorite bag of chips, better yet that processed granola bar marketed as healthy! We all like to indulge in the sweet and savory flavors that make our tastebuds dance and our bellies smile in ultimate satisfaction. Yet, in all of our foodie enjoyment, are we aware that there is energy behind every single food that we consume? 

Every ounce of our existence is fueled by what we take into our bodies (including what we absorb into our minds and spirits) and because the food we eat has an energy of its own, it directly influences the frequency on which we are able to energetically vibrate as a person (hence vibe is short for vibrate or vibrations). Simply stated, food can either energize us and encourage our vibrations to be high - healthy, healed, loving, happy and joyful; or food can drain all of our good feels, making us feel heavy and low - sad, anxiety ridden, and overall sluggish.


The food we eat either positively contributes to our state of being or conversely makes us literally feel like *yuck*. I mean, think about it. Exactly how many times have you indulged in a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and afterwards said “Wow, I feel energetic now”? Ummm, probably zero! After eating processed foods, what we will notice is that somehow instead of feeling energized (as food should be an energy source), we feel full, bloated and sleepy as HECK at 1 pm with 4 hours left of work to forge. We have even coined the terms “itis” and “food coma” to describe the undeniable and uncontrollable feeling of being tired after consuming a heavy meal. You see, instead of feeling good, encouraged and ready to tackle our next task at hand, we suffer from inconsiderate food fatigue! 

So how do we know what foods have good energy? Actually, its super simple to identify if a particular food has some *high vibes* going on! High vibrational foods are foods that are alive! All foods that are whole and non processed, nutrient rich - fresh fruits & vegetables. These foods will be sans dyes, additives, antibiotics, artificial contributions and preservatives (sometimes, preservatives are ok if they are minimal and natural). Some of my favorite high vibrational foods are leafy green veggies like kale and spinach, raw-unsalted nuts and seeds, all colorfully vibrant fresh fruits, herbs and natural teas. These foods are sure to feed your bellies and boost your vibrations so you feel happy and healthy! Oh, and did I say happy!

So which foods are less than high vibrational? I have one answer: processed, processed and more processed! Steer clear of foods with more than five ingredients on the packaging label, foods with dyes, additives, artificial contributions of any kind and/or any ingredients you’d need Webster’s dictionary to pronounce. Processed foods, even some meats we consume, are nutrient deficient and unbalanced. Not only do these low vibe foods leave you feeling fatigue, energetically depleted and sad, they contribute to bodily disease and overall challenged health. Who needs that type of negativity in their life?!

Now, I understand it might be a reach to recommend staying away from ALL processed food, even though that would be ideal and awesome. The key is to keep your “minimally” processed foods down and keep your fresh fruits and veggies on THRIVE. Colorfully incorporate them in all of your meals and snacks, perhaps even let them take over your dairy and meat if you are bold enough! The goal is to vibrate happy and healthy; as you shift away from processed foods, you will be reminded how good your body is capable of feeling by feeding it life and goodness. You’ll notice the more positively vibrational foods you eat, the better you will feel!  You will feel clarity, balanced, positive mood disposition and of course healthy! Trust me, it is a superb feeling when the food you eat is contributing to your bright moods and overall stellar feeling of well being!


So remember, indeed you are what you eat, but moreover, You Vibe What you Eat and if you are looking to vibrate high, happy and healthy, keep your whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies in heavy rotation!

May your foods be fresh and colorful; may your smile glow from within! Happy Vibing beautiful people!

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