Nourishing 7 Day Nutrition Plan

Nourishing 7 Day Nutrition Plan


This plan is an introduction to mindful, nourishing nutrition and works as a helpful guide for individuals journeying toward optimal nutritional, self-care & wellness goals. The focus of this plan (as in all Lovewell programs) is to help you move away from the stress of calorie counting and move toward eating what feels good and is good for you. Begin creating lifestyle change today.

This program includes…

- 7 Days of Nourishing Nutritional Programming

- Tailored Grocery Lists & Recipes

- Micronutrient & Macronutrient Quick Guides

- Daily & Weekly Self-Care Practices

- Daily & Weekly Physical Activity Guide

- Digital Support From the Lovewell Team (Lovewell support provided via email, during business hours, for the duration of your plan).

- 1 Progress Check-In Per Week (Schedule by choosing “Lovewell Services for Existing Customers” in our main menu)

- *BONUS* Free Lovewell Nutrition Guide: Eating Well Made Simple

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