Guided Grocery Shopping

Guided Grocery Shopping


This program is designed to assist you as you begin to create new eating habits. The goal of guided grocery shopping is to renew your relationship with food by introducing you to new ways to buy and prepare food. At Lovewell, our process is "Discover. Nourish. Bloom." We assist you in discovering areas in need of improvement,  guide you in nourishing your body based on it's needs and, finally, encourage you as you bloom--journeying toward improved wellness.

This plan includes...

- In-Home Pantry Discovery & Grocery List Building 

- In-Store Guided Grocery Shopping

- In-Home Grocery Haul Review

- 7 Day Meal Plan

- Shopping List

- Recipes

- Digital support from the Lovewell Team (Lovewell support provided via email, during business hours, for the duration of your plan).

- *BONUS* Free Lovewell Nutrition Guide: Eating Well Made Simple 

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Available only in the Greater Los Angeles Area.